Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sweet Fellowship in Little Rock

We made it through the winds and the rain of Ike and safely landed in Little Rock at the house of our sweet friends the Buchers. We had met them when we first started the process with Family Life at the Ministry Preview that we attended. They are very dear to us and we were thrilled that they were willing to host us for our short stay in Little Rock. Their four children graciously allowed us to sleep in their beds for two nights as well as making fast friends with our five. We attended church with them on Sunday morning and then Sunday afternoon they had a get together for all of the people that we had met through Family Life. Complete with wonderful food, lots of laughter, and even some singing, it was a very special day for all of us. A bit bittersweet as we realized once again that we will not be a part of this community. Fun none the less to see what the Lord has been doing in all of their lives and to finally get to meet all of their sweet children. All of our kiddos made fast friends that they hope to keep in touch with. Fun fellowship for all and difficult to say goodbye to as well. There will always be a piece of us in Little Rock and we hope to visit there again very soon.

Sweet new friends

Lance, Hope, Anna, Seth, Ethan and Joshua made our time in LR so special

Sweet Girls...Anna, Ana and Emma really hit it off...kindred spirits!

The Wonderful Cross

Our second day of travel took us through the panhandle of Texas and past the Largest Cross in the World. Because of Hurricane Ike, Amarillo was blanketed with fog the morning we were leaving there. We decided to hit the road early and stop for breakfast at this huge cross which was also surrounded in a blanket of fog. We were the only ones there, so after a light breakfast in the trailer we walked around and explored the amazing exhibits surrounding this gigantic cross. Around the outside of the cross are bronze statues depicting the stations of the cross. There is a station for Calvary with the three crosses and next to it is a tomb with a giant angel statue inside. The children loved looking around and reading all the plaques at each station. It was a wonderful way to start our long day of travel.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Home again in Arizona

We have returned safely from our journey east to Virginia. What a trip it was for all of us. A truly wonderful experience with some interesting adventures along the way. It was difficult to leave the beautiful green of the Virginia farm where our dear friends are dwelling this summer. It was a balm to my spirit to dwell there if only for a few days. I have so much to share and many pictures to post, but my computer is not feeling well and I think may have a virus so not sure how that is going to work. I will work today to try and get my old computer up and running and see if I can get some of the photos posted over there. In the mean time I have piles of laundry to sort through and children to get back on track. We are all overwhelmingly tired and a bit sick. Miss Emma got a cold along about the time we were in DC and then by the time we were headed home I had contracted it. The Lord was merciful and it has not been horrible for any of us, but we do need to take it easy I think for a couple more days. Hard to re-enter your life when you have been gone for such a period of time. But alas we must try. Robert is headed back to work and I will have the task of getting us back to school. What a blessing our time was to all of us, treasured memories we will have for a lifetime!! Stay tuned for more about our journey...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Big Adventure

We have been having an amazing time on our journey across the country. We have not had email or web access for most of the trip so I have not had a chance to blog...but I am going to tell all about our adventure when we get home. Right now we are still in Virginia and having a blast on the farm!! What a blessing this has been for our whole family. I'm looking forward to sharing all about it when we get home at the end of the week.